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Progress Photos

Ok, so here you go…Here is my progress photos page.  Feeling a little vulnerable, but I think it is helpful both for me and more compelling in general to see pics on a self-experimental blog such as this.  I’m hoping this kind of thing can be helpful for anyone out there trying to get fit/healthy and has reached the end of their rope by following the “common knowledge” regarding being fit and healthy.  So here goes:

As per my first post, here are the original “before” photos (or at least the best I could find)  ~245 lbs, unknown bodyfat %:

A couple months later and about 22 pounds down, here I am currently:

I’ll get some higher quality ones here soon enough; I’ve been pretty busy getting ready to leave the country (Nicaragua) with some of my students, so a headless iPhone pic in strange basement apartment light is what you get for now.  Keep in mind, I have changed *NOTHING* about my exercise or sleep patterns.  The only changes I’ve made have been dietary.

Here’s about a month later than this previous photo:

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