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a hearty meal for a cold, rainy day

March 27, 2011

oxtail stew

roasted root veggies (turnip, sweet potato, parsnip)

artichokes with homemade bacon mayonnaise

it was delicious.  and i CANNOT believe i’ve never made bacon mayo.  it was amazing. i’ll never go back.


couldn’t find my camera, so i used the ‘ol cell phone for these:





ENSO winery‘s RESONATE red blend was a perfect companion for this meal.  Head over to their site and check it.  I had the privilege and opportunity to assist with bottling the first ENSO releases, their Rose´ and Pinot Gris, both of which will likely sell out quickly, so go to their site and order some!


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  1. carrie permalink

    bacon mayo?????????? YES PLEASE!!! 🙂 Sounds great. I’m glad you’re blogging again! 🙂 i love you!

  2. irun4fun permalink


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