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Geez. Its 2011.

January 2, 2011

I wish conventional wisdom applied to sleep.  Meaning, I wish that all the science out there talking about how more is good, less is bad, with profound rippling effects on important things like mood and metabolism.  I’ve been sleeping horribly, and consequently I’ve felt pretty horrible lately (go figure).  Working 2 weekly night shifts from 7p-7a coupled with several other days a week needing to get up around 5am to get to a full day of graduate school has not left me in a good place.   I feel a bit like Ed Norton in Fight Club sometimes–‘never really asleep; never really awake’.  My body composition has suffered a bit, which is not surprising after reading some science on sleep.  Turns out, not enough sleep taking place in complete darkness adversely affects:

*circadian rhythms

*carbohydrate metabolism

*cortisol secretion

*One very interesting point from Stephan’s post I noticed was the combination of calorie restriction and mild sleep deprivation.  Overall weight loss was achieved, but ~50% of weight lost in lower sleep group was lean body mass…NOT good!  This compared with 80/20 fat/lean split in the more-sleep group!

I’ve decided I’m not going to be a victim of my life and I’m going to make some changes to keep moving toward greater vitality and energy to live my life well.  Willpower regarding food choices has been rock solid, and I’ve been doing 100 push-ups a day for a few weeks–a little self experiment I’ll report back on.  Stephan Guyenet posted THIS over at his blog regarding sleep studies, good read.  Robb Wolf is well spoken regarding the virtues of sleep as well.

I turned 30 on 12/24/10, had a beautiful celebration with my family, out on the water in Newport Beach, CA with accompanying wine & cheese pairings.  Here’s me and two of my beautiful nieces, Violet and Grace:

2011 is going to be a great year.  I can *almost* feel it.  More to come.



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  1. irun4fun permalink

    I love you Daniel, Boy.

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