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More on fasting

October 6, 2010

Of late I’ve been a little short on sleep and a bit long on such enthralling activities as reading journal articles on the complexities of different therapy modalities for continuous renal replacement therapy.  Sounds fun, eh?

Anyway, I write to inform that I am more convinced than ever that doing intermittent fasting yields benefits for focus, energy and athletic performance.  Last night, after being dead tired all day and not eating for about 22.5 hours, I decided to suck it up and go the the gym for a one hour Muay Thai session.  I realized about half way through that I miiiight be in the middle of the best workout I’ve had in recent memory.  My output was through the roof, and I did not feel tired through the entire thing. (in fact I worked out so hard that the buzz lasted long enough to keep me up so that I did not sleep well last night!…:(…..)

Yes, going 24 hours without eating has its short bouts of unpleasantness like brief (i’m talking 15-20 seconds a few times) nausea and feeling cold…but the payoff in the form of increased productivity throughout the day, mental clarity and better athletic performance make it well worth it, if you ask me.


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  1. tommy d permalink

    it’s not that fasting is so *bad,* it’s that eating is soooo good.
    good luck with your studies!

    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      eating is all the better when you’ve waited hours for it! i’ve eaten some ridiculous meals to break my fast (I’m talking 1,800 calories at once!). how are things?

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