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Some new directions

September 10, 2010

I’m taking a slight break from endurance sports at the moment.  My eating schedule is basically what is taught by Martin Berkham over at Lean Gains.  I don’t necessarily make the same food choices I’ve seen in his work, but I definitely apply the principles; he is very sharp, especially on the science of IF.  I find myself almost euphoric during the last few hours of my daily fasts, feeling extremely productive, alert and mindful of what is going on internally and externally.

I’ve met some really great folks at a local combat sports gym called Pacific Ring Sports, where several folks are trying to get into the sports of triathlon and running.  We’ve agreed that I’ll share stuff I’ve picked up along the way with them as they teach me Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.  I love the fact that my workouts of late are essentially the opposite of what I’ve been doing for the last several years: short periods of massive energy expenditure, non-linear movements and violent striking on bags and pads….digging it.  Feeling strong and lean.  Again, my workouts ALWAYS feel better and more effective when I work out in the fasted state.  I’ve been doing a fair amount of barefoot running as well—the folks in Oakland, CA seem to find this quite odd.  (I’m not gonna lie—I’ve had to pull some glass shards out of my feet a few times:)

Still adapting well to night shift, although the first day after my 6 in a row (today), I usually do feel fatigued and not so productive.  No more 6 in a row–onward to Nurse Practitioner school!  Looking forward to some *interesting* discussions related to chronic disease and metabolic syndrome.

What I’ve been eating:

pastured eggs–we’re fortunate to have an affordable, local source for these delicious eggs

grass fed butter

beef–ground, rib-eye steak and hawaiian cut short ribs have been my go to


habanero/jalapeno cheese


onions-always lots of onions!


Wine!–prepping for a dear friend’s wine release party on Sept. 11.  Come on by if you’re in the Bay Area; I’m chef in charge of food….pics to follow.

Supplements I’ve continued:



*Vitamin D–dosage upped a wee bit as there’s a little bit less sun here in Oakland vs. where we were in Castro Valley

*Cod Liver Oil–occasional use as offset for grain fed meat consumption

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  1. TrailGrrl permalink

    Very different that IronMan. It’s really hard work to go in 2 or 3 minute rounds. Everyone at BJJ gets really winded and sweaty in a matter of seconds. Muay Thai at least you sort of pace yourself.

    I think it’s hard to do martial arts and triathlon both and want to be at a high level.


    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      yes, yes, very different than Ironman. a welcome break. 2-3 minute rounds is actually refreshing; getting that winded that quickly is both humbling and pushing my fitness level higher. I’m not too worried about being in shape for Ironman distance right now:)

  2. Dan,
    I saw your post through an email I got from your dad. I am not sure what nutrition products you are getting or using but as an NP or Masters in Nursing my company allows you to sign up for an account since we are a physician only line. It’s pretty easy and I thought you would want to know since a lot of nutrition out there is crap! Call me if you want 760-822-4881

    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      thanks Drake. I’ll keep it in mind. not quite starting my own practice yet…should be sometime next year.

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