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Moving forward

July 18, 2010

I gotta say, I’m pretty proud to call myself and Ironman.  The experience was amazing, and I was able to share it with my ridiculously supportive parents and some dear friends.  The soreness and mild renal insufficiency [:)] has passed, I’ve recovered, gotten back into the groove of working nights again, and I’ve gotten back into the gym/onto the field/on the back deck to do my workouts, which I’m enjoying now more than ever.

I’m not doing very much cardio these days.  VERY foreign feeling (dysfunctional, OCD guilt much?).  However, I am more than confident that my fitness level has not declined at all; I can feel it.  I’m doing shorter, very intense workouts, getting back into doing some olympic lifts (e.g. deadlift, hang clean w/ front squat), and doing sprint workouts outdoors, at the beach or wherever I happen to be.  As soon as my schedule permits, I’m going to attend a MovNat workshop–a philosophy of fitness based on natural human movement in the natural environment…cutting edge stuff.  [Richard Nikoley at FreeTheAnimal has posted some very cool stuff during his time at a MovNat workshop]

Eating primal/paleo is now second nature to me; I can effortlessly go 20-24 hours without eating free from any ill effects on productivity, workout intensity or physical symptoms.  Below are some pics of the daily barbecuing that goes on around here:)

Latest Favorite accompaniments to Fat & Meat: Beets, Red Onions, Homemade Chimichurri

Foods Which I Need More Of: Coconut & Red Palm Oils

Current weight: 212-215, about 10 lbs. to go for optimal weight.

Before pics, you might find this interesting.  T. Colin Campbell, the author of The China Study wrote a reply to Denise Minger’s analysis (and bitch-slapping) of his data, to which she has replied again.  All very interesting stuff, and that Minger is quite a brilliant one.  However, I think a point made by Dr. Kurt Harris on his blog is very relevant in the back-and-forth of this mess:

“This is all just epidemiology, and epidemiology is bogus. Now, I don’t mean it has absolutely no value. It is good for hypothesis generation. It is almost worthless for finding the truth.”(found in this post)

As for my personal opinion, I just think that it is difficult to make a case for a comprehensive dietary philosophy that:

A) Has never existed in a healthy population throughout all of known history

B) Is based on epidemiological data wizardry (8,000 statistically significant correlations?!? are you kidding?)

C) Requires industrially produced supplementation (B-12)

D) Doesn’t stand the test of time.  That is, a “whole foods, plant based” diet has only been possible for a small fraction of our existence.  That it is in fact the optimal human diet is purely conjecture.

E) “Just try it”  This is essentially the last paragraph of Campbell’s response to Minger.  So, let me get this straight: after slinging around your credentials, your 300+ peer-reviewed articles, NIH funding and international renown, you rest your 8,000 significant statistics on….wait for it….”Just try it”????  That, to me signifies the ultimate indictment against a scientist.  We’re being asked by someone touting rigorous, irrefutable science to become faithful believers and just try it.  No thanks dude.

OK, on to some pics:

Been using some pretty legitimate Mesquite charcoal “El Diablo” . Short ribs, sweet potatoes roasted in a stainless steel basket and some red onions.  yum.

Again, thanks in no small part to my Argentine cuñado, I’ve been making Chimichurri on an almost daily basis.  I charred some serranos and garlic for this one.  After that, it’s basically finely chopping italian parsely, cilantro, +/- onion, some white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, paprika, maybe some chili powder.  Bang!  Amazing on these grass-fed ribs from our meat CSA:

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  1. Lora permalink

    If it was good enough for Nike (“just try it”, it should be good enough for you Mister.

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