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July 10, 2010

In the middle of six night shifts in a row….wow.  I must say though, I’m managing it much better this go around.  My energy is still great, I’m waking up with enough time to get plenty of sun each day, and I’m doing short, intense workouts with sauna time included.  Limiting caffeine and food intake after about 1 AM feels like the key for me.  I sleep great, right around 7 hours a day, and I often do stuff like this:

I am honing my barbecuing skills, thanks in no small part to Yamil, my meat and barbecue connoisseur Argentine bro-in-law, with whom I’m currently living.  Its been a heck of a lot of fun, to be sure.  Charcoal only, people!

We just joined THIS meat CSA based in Marin county just north of here; monthly deliveries of 100% grassfed/pastured beef, lamb, pork, goat.  Super stoked to try new recipes and enjoy supporting local, proper farming of animals.

Pretty much feeling normal after Ironman, back into glorious ketosis.  Gotta say though, I’m missing my beloved chronic cardio! For now I’m playing a bit of soccer, jumproping and doing crossfit-style workouts, with Muay Thai training to resume shortly.

Seriously, read the link from my previous post.  It’s amazing stuff.  Also see here and here.  Wheat–> 67% relative risk increase for CHD?(!).

OK, Ciao for now.


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