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China Study debunked.

July 8, 2010

Thanks to Richard Nikoley over at Free The Animal for the link.  You gotta read this:


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  1. irun4fun permalink

    Holy smokes! Keep the info comin’!

  2. irun4fun permalink

    There is quite the buzz “out there” regarding the debunking of the China Study. Whodda thunk?

    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      Yeah, there is an amazing amount of buzz going on, within a certain sphere anyway. However, the China Study has been slung pretty hard by the veg*n community as the case for one particular perspective. I think it is really great stuff, not just because it somewhat vindicates my nutritional paradigm but because it really exposes bad (so-called) science. The amount of response to this seems to indicate a growing group of people doing the paleo/primal thing. It is exciting! Have you read all the stuff flying around?

  3. Hate to burst your bubble but Denise’s analysis of The China Study is heavily flawed and therefore invalid. Debunked by a cancer epidemiologist…

    Here it is…

    The proper testing procedure as stated by an expert on analysing stats…

    Campbells response to Denise..

    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      By bursting my bubble, do you mean that the mystery author on this site somehow confirmed what was postulated in The China Study? The 2 points (correlations don’t make associations and ecological data)….how are these not what Campbell did in his own analysis? This supposed debunking of a debunking misses the point completely. This person on your blog could have been writing this “debunking” about the China Study itself….Denise’s accurate exposure of Campbell’s own misinterpretation of epidemiological data is the issue at hand here…not whether claims made by Denise are *true* or not. See the discussion in the comments section of her blog….she addresses this very issue quite eloquently. The China Study is bad science. Period. I’ve not seen anybody convincingly demonstrate that this is not true.

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