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Another frittata

June 9, 2010

Started with a generous chunk of grass fed butter in the pan. I lightly sautéed some green and white onions, threw in some turkey kielbasa and let it char just slightly.  Throw in 8 beaten eggs; when all but the top layer of the frittata is firm, grate any kind of cheese you like on top, then put the entire pan under the broiler on high (oven door open)  broil to perfection:)  Cheers!

Getting plenty of Vitamin D in the sunshine here in the Bay Area!  Entering the tapering portion of my Ironman training.  Feeling good.


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  1. TrailGrrl permalink

    I’m going to try making a frittata. I’ve always thought it was a little complicated to get it right, but this looks pretty straightforward. Not sure what that green thing is on the plate, but it looks good too. I’ve notice now that it is hot out I’ve started to actually crave green vegetables (this from someone who hardly ate a veggie). I’ve even started to think that those kale chip recipes look pretty tasty.

    Which IM are you doing?


    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      i’ll be doing the Coeur D’Alene IM in a few short weeks!

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