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Primal small plate

June 8, 2010

Sometimes I get the itch to assemble something random in the kitchen.  I do get weird cravings for things after doing lots and lots of chronic cardio, such as my 7 hour bike ride two days ago. So, with no real forethought, I decided to construct this small plate for my breakfast/lunch just now.

More on that in a minute.

Back to the cardio thing for a moment…I have noticed that my seasonal allergies are MARKEDLY worse the night/next day after a heavy cardio session, a frequent activity(punishment!?!) for me lately.  I gotta say, I do enjoy redefining the limits of my body….I think I’ll just find a different way to do that after Ironman.  Less than 3 weeks away is race day!  Oh, and here’s a little bit of BS for all y’all endurance athletes out there:’s article on carbs and endurance training suggests the following (here): “For athletes in periods of heavy training, a good rule of thumb is to consume three to five grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight per day.”

Oh really, Sports Science Exchange/American Running Association (authors)?  So, you think I should consume anywhere from 645-1075 GRAMS(not calories!) of carbohydrates per day?  I think what I’ve done for the last 6+ months qualifies as “heavy training”.  Unbelievable. I’d weigh 285 lbs in no time if I ate even a fraction of that.  Most days I’m <30 grams CHO.  I’m sure glad I don’t take advice from those dudes anymore.

OK, on to the food!  I hard boiled some eggs, and made homemade red curry mayo using light olive oil, 1 egg yolk, a bit of salt, a bit of lemon juice, a bit of dijon mustard and some red curry paste.  It’s all about adding the oil last, at a very slow, steady rate while whisking vigorously.  Add some chives picked from the garden, chopped bacon, onions fried in the delectable by-product of the aforementioned bacon, a couple cornichon-style pickles (gherkins), a couple chopped macadamia nuts on top and some raw milk comté cheese and done!:


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  1. TrailGrrl permalink

    After long rides I used to get hungry for macaroni right out of the pan… just plain, nothing on it. Crazy!

    >645-1075 GRAMS(not calories!) of carbohydrates per day?

    This is why I stopped reading Runner’s World, Triathlete, and lots of other mags. Now I do Outside, Men’s Fitness/Health (which is not without their own BS factor), and Men’s Journal. I’m actually insulted that it’s called Men’s Journal, but hey, that’s the target audience. I used to do a Gu like every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes on long rides. No wonder I’d want a 20 oz ice cold Coke and a pizza afterwards! I don’t miss all that Gatorade/Cytomax sloshing around in my stomach bloating me up and just sort of laying there. Nothing is worse than the taste of warm Gatorade/Powerade in the summer heat once your bottle starts to get heated up. Seriously, though, if people are getting their nutritional info from these mags, I can see why people think they need to do a marathon to stay in shape. Because if you eat like that you really WILL need to run a marathon just to break even. I actually got “softer’ and fatter doing a marathon after being on a Body for Life type of bodybuilding diet that actually worked pretty well (ignoring the fact that it was all processed crap, drinks, bars, and supplements and really if you only eat 1200 calories a day you pretty much will lose weight). Not everyone is an endurance athlete, but they seem to be trying to give people the impression that they are all “athletes” and need to eat a high CHO diet.

    Not sure what that is that you fried up in bacon grease, but it looks really tasty!


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