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A painful run, heart disease talk, more food.

May 27, 2010

Ok, first a bit of good news.  Red meat is fine. Red meat does not cause heart disease.  Let me say this again: Red meat does not cause coronary heart disease or diabetes.  This does not, however apply to processed meat.  See for yourself:

Another tidbit: go for pastured, grass-fed dairy (this goes for meat as well). You may just dodge a heart attack.  Check this blog post out, then permanently follow this guy’s blog.  Very smart dude, and interesting stuff:

So this is my left foot after my run today (~2hrs 30min):

Yes, there is a dollar in there.  You see, it turns out that when Vibram made this particular model of Five Fingers, they decided it was ok to leave the rough edges of the seams exposed in the inner surface of the big toe.  About 6 miles into this run I kept taking my shoe off thinking I had a rock, but it was in fact a gestating blister.  One that became so painful I had to stop running.  I keep a few bucks on me, and I figured $1 was probably cheaper than anything I could buy to make it feel better, so I jammed it in there over the seam.  Worked like a champ.  I still have a raging blister under there though.  Ouch!  To anybody considering buying Vibram Five Fingers, buy the leather ones! (KSO Trek or Mocs).  I’ve never had this problem with those, even running considerably longer distances than I did today.

Just put some baby back ribs in the oven.  I was going to dry rub them with thyme, salt and pepper…buuuut, I packed the foil already, so I decided to go with the herbed butter rub.  This is very easy: 1 bunch of finely minced fresh thyme, 3 cloves of garlic, minced, salt (I used himalayan pink), cracked pepper, and butter (I used KerryGold, as it is grass-fed).  I’m gonna bake this at about 200° for about 4 hours:

And here they are, all butter-massaged and ready to go in the oven.  If I can remember, I’ll snap a photo when they are done:

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  1. your favorite sister permalink

    Thank you for the “recipe” 🙂 Easier for me to follow! I’ve been thinking of trying ribs soon.

  2. Daniel Gregory permalink

    yes. you should try them. delicious and pretty easy (as long as you get them in the oven early!) high quality ribs can be expensive, so someplace like Costco is a good bet.

  3. TrailGrrl permalink

    Ribs look great and easy to prepare. I hate over seasoned food, especially things really heavy on BBQ sauce.

    I’ve only run in the VFF KSO’s and it looks like that maybe was a good choice. Mostly because I trail run exclusively now, so it made more sense to go with KSO’s. Got another pair in black recently (really hard to find online but a local place actually had my size and held them for me), so I guess that will be my, uh, dressy pair since they are black. The others are that gray color. I’m sort of jonesing for blue ones, but really I don’t need a million pairs of these. I started wearing Converse Chuck All Stars as everyday in jeans bumming around shoes. It took a bit of adjusting after being used to a cushioned ride, but now my calves feel better. I wore a pair of old motion-control trail runners just to hang out in and my legs were sore along the outside the next day. Flip flops used to give me the same issue, until I stopped with the overdone cushioning.

    Never blistered in the KSO’s, but I haven’t been running for longer than an hour either.


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