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One Ingredient

May 7, 2010

….Cream!  Yep.  Straight up.  No, really, I drink whole cream straight up.  Yes, it gets 100% of its calories from fat, many of those saturated.  You might be surprised that butterfat (cream) contains a pretty high percentage of oleic acid as a part of the fatty acid profile.  Sound familiar?  It should, as it’s the reason everybody recommends eating olive oil.  Same stuff.

Cream is a great way to increase the percentage of fat in your diet and it is incredibly filling, eliciting no insulin response.  Six months ago I never would’ve believed somebody if they told me my coffee would look like this:

I remember as a kid, (responsibly) drinking only fat-free milk, and thinking that low fat or (heaven forbid!) whole milk tasted kinda funny.  Oh how times have changed;  even 1/2 & 1/2 tastes watery to me now.  Ha!


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  1. Lora permalink

    New soup recipe:
    take 1/2 lb butter
    melt it

  2. Daniel Gregory permalink

    Yes, Lora, yes! Mark my words, butter is making a comeback as a superfood!:) hope you’re well.

  3. Tommy D permalink

    Okay, you’re a freak, but…I’ve half-choked down the red pill. 😉
    Didn’t chase the white rabbit down any holes; caught it though and am rendering the fat as we speak.
    Oh, by the way, the photography on this page rocks. Did you shoot them? Lensbaby, or something else?

  4. Daniel Gregory permalink

    @Tommy D:
    mmmmm rabbit. love it. the photography on this page is done by yours truly with a Nikon D90 with 50mm f/1.8. I’ll keep ’em comin. at least if you do choke, you know what to do….

  5. carrie permalink

    Mmmmmmm…never thought I’d agree with you on this subject! Some days I wake up and drink my coffee with it and don’t eat until later afternoon because I”m not hungry – crazy!!! I had a friend over the other day and she gave me a WEIRD look when I poured it into my coffee….she didn’t ask any questions but I’m sure she’s thinking “what happened to the fat-freaked, calorie-counting Carrie??” 🙂

    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      mmmmm is right! my my my, how things change, eh? i have found EXACTLY the same thing to be true regarding drinking cream in the AM and then not needing or even wanting to eat until anywhere from noon-3pm. i do think it’s interesting to see how you’re responding to it, since we share genes and all :). by itself, liberation from OCD eating makes this worth it for me. hopefully i’ll have time for one more post before I take off to Nicaragua. Gotta go translate powerpoint slides!

  6. irun4fun permalink


  7. TrailGrrl permalink

    Nice artsy shots with the D90. I’ve got a couple of the upper level Nikon D’s (one is the hubby’s and newest one is my D700), so a decent step up from the D70 that was starting to act a little flaky (the compact flash holder thing seemed to have an issue). Food porn at it’s best since it’s a carton of cream and some coffee.

    I used to love drinking cream straight up as a kid (also eating on a stick of butter, at least I think it was butter and not what my mom called “oleo”), and now that it’s back on the menu it’s my favorite high octane drink. You just need a swig or two to be good to go for the rest of the day. I used to drink cream they would bring for my mom’s coffee in restaurants out of the little plastic containers (which actually suggests to me that it might not have been real cream in there). Everyone at work drinks the crazy powdered creamers, or the flavored fake low fat creamer stuff (vanilla and other flavors). Or they get big flavored (but LOWFAT) coffee drinks from Starbucks that are really like a chocolate shake with some coffee in it somewheres.

    Unlike you, I didn’t grow up in the skim milk era. I remember that there were only two kinds of milk… white and chocolate. Our neighbors actually had a milkman who dropped off bottles of milk in the little box on the porch. And yogurt was unheard of. We kept a jar on the stove to put bacon and other grease in to use to cook with. My mom canned bushels of greenbeans every summer, and we’d eat fresh tomatoes with salt and corn on the cob drenched in butter until it was all gone for the season (which wasn’t that long, actually). Every fall she’d buy me my favorite… pomegranates.. which were only around for a limited time. I’m only 46, but there have been a lot of changes, which we all fully embraced (I remember being adamant on having no butter or cream cheese on my “healthy” bagel), and now it’s come full circle again. Except that now all the old people like my dad are being sold a bad health rap by being told to eat cereals, skim milk, a lot of fruit, fiber, etc. His belly is getting bigger and bigger, some of which is just too much sugar.


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