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Coconut Oil=Human Diesel

May 2, 2010

OK, I know this might be getting a little old at this point, but I am still seriously amazed.

Yesterday, I rode my bike for ~6hrs15min in some pretty serious wind, and covered just under 100 miles.  I did not consume a singular gram of carbohydrate the entire time.  WHA? you might ask.  Yes, I subsisted on water, electrolyte pills and my trusty ziplock bag of coconut oil:

I swear, it’s not that bad.  In fact, the Medium Chain Triglycerides in coconut provide a surprising energy boost.  Unlike long chain triglycerides (like the ones we store as body fat) which require modification before being dumped into our immediate energy supply, MCTs diffuse through the portal vein directly to the liver, and are quickly released as free fatty acids to be used by muscles as energy.  More on the metabolic pathway here.

Anyhow, besides personally de-bunking the myth that all endurance athletes need a constant flow of easily digestible carbohydrates during exercise, I find that my recovery times are shortening.  I am not exaggerating: I WAS NOT SORE THE DAY AFTER A 100 MILE BIKE RIDE.  I went to the gym today, did a swim workout and had a session in the sauna.  Looking forward to kicking some more ass this week.

Changing gears, got a friend coming into town this week, and just got a new slow cooker, so I’m trying my hand at flank steak roulade with parsinps:

Must go start packing–  moving in less than a month!!!


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  1. your favorite sister permalink

    Its crazy that coconut oil can do that…I am still feeling crappy during workouts, but I’m thinking it should get better…maybe I need to take some coconut oil. 🙂

  2. TrailGrrl permalink

    Ah so that is your secret weapon. I’ve heard of people drinking olive oil straight up during long rides. This looks a little more palatable, however.

    I’ve got some and I’m going to try cooking with it a bit more, or just taking a tablespoon of it for the fat. It’s supposed to be good for your skin, so with that and all the water I’ve been drinking maybe I’ll start to get a glow. Once I get all that aspartame from Diet Pepsi out of my tissues. God only knows how long that will take.


    • Daniel Gregory permalink

      yes, coconut oil is wonderful, not just to eat, but to use for shaving, moisturizer for skin, hair, etc. it’s basically the only thing that touches my skin besides water these days.

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