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Yes, it’s anecdotal evidence, but still…..

April 30, 2010

I gotta say, I’m experiencing strange and wonderful things in the machinery of my body. That came out wrong…..wait, I meant–nevermind.

Conventional Wisdom regarding endurance sports: carbs, carbs, carbs (or some iteration of that).

It’s becoming hard for me to believe that. I’m already convinced on a biochemical level, but there is a LOT of lingering prejudice, years of social and psychological conditioning, and plenty of “experts” online and elsewhere ready to pounce and ridicule any other hypotheses.

Today, I ran hill intervals for 70 minutes. Immediately after that, I swam 2 miles. Oh—and I hadn’t eaten for 22 hours before that. And I didn’t eat for another 90 minutes after finishing my workout. Why? Well, let’s see: to lower insulin levels, leverage stored fat preferentially for energy, higher levels of HGH and testosterone and to continue to keto-adapt. I felt great, really great, even energized after the workout was over.

I’m not claiming everyone is the same, and I realize this is a clinical trial of n=1, but I do believe anecdotal evidence is useful, if it may point to the existence of a black swan (a la Karl Popper‘s concept of Falsification).

Anyway, I had Carolina style spare ribs in the slow cooker all day, which made for a delicious break-fast.  The bones were so soft I ate most of them like candy bars with a creamy, marrow filling:)  here’s what was left of my ribs:

Goodnight, got reading to do!!


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  2. TrailGrrl permalink

    It is hard to believe, and I actually know better. This comes from years of thinking you need to bump up your carbs to account for endurance efforts. I’d say that 70 min of hill intervals and then a 2 mile swim pretty much puts that myth to sleep. I do think you need more fat in your diet than most people doing endurance sports are going to be comfortable with. I learned to go by how I feel, and not by what I “should” be eating. I eliminated foods based on how I reacted to them.. felt tired, bloated, etc., not on any other characteristic. Gordo Byrne is very into the Zone eating and he did very well, and got much leaner. People have to be will to try it though. If you are used to a lot of carbs, cutting back is going to be an adjustment.

    Ribs as a recovery meal… gotta love it. I’ve always done well on a steak and baked potato with butter. No idea why, it just seems to work. Red meat and fat is like rocket fuel, and I used to think only a regular Coke could do that.


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