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So I'm training for an IronMan

April 24, 2010

….which is a bit of a difficult proposition when trying to eat a diet that is 70% fat, give or take.  Take, for instance, this quote from the website’s nutrition “expert”:

“It’s been long understood that the carbohydrate rich foods provide 50 to 70% of the calories needed for athletes logging numerous hours training and racing”

oh really?  interesting.  I’m trying something, and so far, its working.  Today, I rode my bike for 3+ hours, fueled by nothing other than coconut oil in a ziplock bag (almost pure saturated fat), and some coconut water. no big deal.  I felt like I could crank out there all day (except for the freezing rain!)  I’ve been doing as many of my workouts as possible in the fasted state, meaning no food intake within the preceding 12 hours to working out.  It gets easier each time.  The idea is to shift my internal metabolic environment to consumption of fatty acids for energy (which happens during aerobic exercise anyway) all the time, and then on race day I’m going to dump a bunch of glucose into my body and see what happens :).

On this particular subject, I’m taking my cues from Dr. Kurt Harris, a brilliant, contrarian Neuroradiologist with a serious disregard for Conventional Wisdom.

I’ve not gotten faster in terms of performance thus far, but my energy levels during long training days (multiple workouts, 4+ hours) are ROCK STEADY of late.

Oh, and I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last 3-4 weeks; the *only* thing that has changed is my diet.


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