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So it begins….

April 23, 2010

And now I’ll attempt to begin to lay out some of the reasons for my (desperate?), revolutionary and perhaps risky experiment.

Let me be clear: I’m not simply interested in a “plan” to “lose weight”.
I wanna make sense of all the *advice* I’ve been taught re: things like nutrition/weight loss/chronic disease/fitness.
But yes, I want to lose weight.
I feel like I’ve spent many years working out harder than almost anybody in my social circle, both in terms of volume and intensity.  I’ve completed multiple triathlons, I’m a marathoner and ultramarathoner (I’ve not completed an “official” ultra, but have run 30+ miles in training multiple times).  I’ve done all of these things with an “OBESE” BMI.
I’m compulsive about diet and exercise.  I’ve got no shame about this: I believe that it is indeed pathological on some levels.  Oh yeah, and it doesn’t seem to work.  I’ve counted calories.  No, I mean I really have.  I’ve counted and calculated ENERGY IN (calories) MINUS ENERGY OUT(exercise + basal metabolic rate).
In my extensive clinical trial of exactly one subject, I’m conclusively convinced of at least one thing: it’s NOT simply calories in minus calories out.  I’m convinced that diet composition has something to do with it.  Turns out, this is definitely not a new or controversial idea, and there’s a growing number of people these days challenging conventional wisdom on a variety of fronts.  I’ll pull from those generous sources and add a bit of my own BS from time to time:)

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